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COVID-19 in US as Delta variant rages to more then 700,000 deaths

COVID-19 in US as Delta variant rages to more then 700,000 deaths

US death toll from COVID-19 has eclipsed 700,000 — a number greater than the population of Boston. The last 100,000 deaths occurred during a time when vaccines — which overwhelmingly prevent deaths, hospitalisations and serious illness — were available to any American over the age of 12.

The milestone is deeply frustrating to doctors, public health officials and the American public, who watched a pandemic that had been easing earlier in the summer take a dark turn. Tens of millions of Americans have refused to get vaccinated, allowing the highly contagious Delta variant to tear through the country and send the death toll from 600,000 to 700,000 in 3 1/2 months.

Florida suffered by most death of any state during that period, with the virus killing about 17,000 residents since the middle of June.

Texas been second with 13,000 deaths. The two states account for 15 per cent of the country's population, but more than 30 per cent of the nation's deaths since the nation crossed the 600,000 threshold.

As per expert Analysis 70,000 of the last 100,000 deaths were in unvaccinated people. And of those vaccinated people who died with breakthrough infections, most caught the virus from an unvaccinated person. If vaccination is done more effectively in past, then only 90 per cent of deaths can be prevented.